Class Registration

Class Registration

Discovering Grassy Valley (Family) Baptist Church!

A great class to "Discover" Grassy Valley. This class will be taught once a quarter for those wanting to know more about Grassy Valley. Class can be viewed and curriculum downloaded from our website HERE. You can also attend an "in-person" class held at the time shown below.

  • Discovering Grassy ValleyDr. Mark Martin will be hosting the next class on (To Be Determined) at 9:30am to 10:30am in our Fellowship Hall located directly behind the Church Sanctuary. In the meantime, you can sign up for the next class by calling the church office at 865-693-1741. 

  • You can also watch this class on our website and or download curriculum by clicking HERE.


Wednesday Evening Bible Study

REGISTRATION NOT REQUIRED: A Wednesday evening class offers an in-depth bible study on various subjects and or books of the bible.  Classes are held in the Fellowship Hall. Everyone is welcome! 

January  5th, 2022 Wednesday evenings 6:30 pm 8 week Men’s Bible Study-  Sometimes circumstances in life make it difficult for men to be all God wants them to be. But Tony Evans urges men to stop looking at their circumstances as excuses and instead to see them  as challenges and opportunities for success. Exploring the examples of men of God, this Bible study will challenge you to lay down your excuses, stop compromising, and fight to be a man of character and commitment. Facilitated by: Dr. Mark S. Martin



January  5th, 2022 Wednesday evenings 6:30 pm 7 week Women’s Bible Study-   Elijah emerged as the voice of unapologetic truth during a time of national crisis and moral decline. His ministry was marked by tenacious faith and holy fire – the same kind you will need in order to remain steadfast in current culture. Facilitated by: Jennifer M. Martin




Through the week- Bible Study

A Bible Study class offers an in-depth study on various subjects and or books of the bible. Classes are held in the Fellowship Hall. Everyone is welcome! Upcoming class date and times will be announced and registration information. Please keep checking back or date and times.


The Truth Project!

Are you looking for "The Truth" and wanting to dig a little deeper to find it?

Click here for more information on "The Truth Project" and Focus on The Family. 



When:  If you would like to find our more about "The Truth Project" and the next session, contact Allen Kurk at Or, if you would like to host a class on this, contact Allen Kurk. 

Where:  We will meet in the Fellowship hall behind the sanctuary.  

Who:  This project was developed for all levels of Christian believers to further advance your thinking, provoke questions in a biblical format that will strengthen your faith and renew your commitment to follow after Christ!  All ages are welcome and I encourage you to invite fellow Christians to attend. Neighbors, friends and family welcome!

What:  “The Truth Project" is a ground-breaking small group curriculum on the Biblical worldview. This video-based Bible study is the starting point for looking at life from a biblical perspective. Join Dr. Del Tackett, as he takes you through 13 engaging video lessons on the relevance and importance of living the Biblical worldview in daily life, featuring insights from biblical experts like Ravi Zacharias, R.C. Sproul, Os Guinness and Gordon Pennington.”

Why:  It was relevant then as it is today! I believe you will find it both stimulating and informative!