08/24/2021 Update!

     The lastest CDC guidliness from February19, 2021 ( Although this article is know longer being updated and is archived, it still has pertinent information for your safety. Since this is a very long article with guideliness covering all areas, please take the time to read. 

     Our sincere hope is to give you an environment that you feel safe to worship in and that you can have confidence that "everyone" is doing "their part" to conduct themselves in a responsible manner in protecting everyone we come in contact with. Face masks and social distancing are still and will continue to be the standard for all social interaction. We also recommend the Covid vaccince which was just approved by the FDA. The vaccince is free and "everyone" should place confidence in this being another aide in keeping everyone safe.

     Our families, first responders, health care workers desire your help by keeping the spread of this virus down.  We have recently have had loved ones who have passed and members who have been out sick with COVID. Please help us maitain a safe invironment by following guidleness in the article shown above and get vaccinated. Also, for your convienence, there are mask and sanitation stations at each entrance to the church. Whether you are fully vaccincated or not, we want everyone to feel at ease that we are as a body of Christ helping each other maintain a loving and compassionate environment for everyone!

     Grassy Valley Family loves you with the love of Christ and we want to see you continue to worship with us, but in the safest way possible!  

"The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: Fools despise wisdom and instruction." - Proverbs 1:7


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Folks hearts are softening to do ministry! Praise the Lord as He is speaking to us even today! Don’t hold back, He will supply whatever you need for a ministry and will equip you for it. If you are sensing that “He” is wanting you to move forward, don’t hold back, press on. If you can only contribute financially or bathing Grassy Valley ministries with prayer, that too is also a ministry and calling!

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