Rebuilding our Future

Rebuilding our Future

PHASE 1 & II- Our Goal was met and the projects completed!!!

Phase ll Outside painting and landscaping completed November 2023!



Phase l Sanctuary and Welcome Center Completed 2022!


Our Purpose

Our Mission Statement: We are a Family of believers with an authentic passion for a relationship with Christ and for others!

Our Vision Statement: Grassy Valley Baptist Church exists to... Teach the word of God truthfully | Worship God joyfully | Serve God faithfully | Demonstrate God's love unconditionally.

Because we have been called to this relationship and to reach out to others, our vision for this building has changed significantly over the past 142 years. This church has seen growth, revival, saved lives and been the center of the Grassy Valley Family Community. It has also served it’s community, standing strong over time. It is now time for us to change to meet the needs of our current generation!

Through the years

In 1879, fourteen people, under the leadership of Rev. M.D.L. Burnett, felt called of God to start Grassy Valley Baptist Church. Their mission was clear, they were following the command of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to go into all the world and evangelize the lost by preaching the gospel, baptizing them and bringing them into the fellowship of the family of God. Their souls were motivated to make disciples by teaching others to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ and to demonstrate love and compassion by ministering to those in need.

            The passion held by so few was infectious and soon many came to know the Lord as their Savior. It wasn’t long before a little white church was built on the property. The church began to grow and the building served its purpose for a number of years, but new facilities were needed to handle the blessings of God.

As the years passed, the congregation has honored the Lord by keeping God’s house repaired, current with modern innovation and relevant to its community. A new Auditorium was built, a fellowship hall was added and both were kept current with technology, innovation and remodeling.   

            Although we live in a different time and era, our call and mission has not changed but our methods may. Heraclitus says, “There is nothing permanent except change.” Time dictates change in everything. Where once this used to be a “Grassy Valley” now we see houses, streets and stores. Consequently, Grassy Valley Baptist Church has changed to continue its outreach to this community. As we continue the mission that our forefather’s laid before us, we too must stay true to the call of God to reach our community for Christ.  And in keeping with our founder’s passion for others, we too must change, starting with remodeling our sanctuary so we may be relevant to a current generation.

Ways to give to current and future projects

First let me stress that the "renovation project" will be funded by the "offerings" given by those led to give. The money that is given is to be "above and beyond" that of regular "tithes."

Prayer- Prayer is extremely important. You can pray that our renovation project will be fully funded and that this project will be the catalyst for reaching this and future generations for Christ.

Regular Sunday Offering- You can give to the renovation project by giving through our regular offering each Sunday. Special envelopes will be in the pews for designated giving.

Offering by Mail- You may give by mailing your offering to the church designating the amount given for renovation.

On-Line Giving- You can give to the renovation project by using our church "App" or by giving on our website at  Click the QR code here to be taken directly to our giving page.


Blessings and thank you for your generosity

Pastor- Dr. Mark Martin