Food Pantry

Food Pantry

Food Pantry- News Report

We are a Family of Believers with an "Authentic" passion for a relationship with Christ and for others!

Pantry hours

Every Thursday from 10am to 2pm

Please check below for Food Pantry needs and ministry opportunities to serve. When the Community Food Pantry opens, due to Covid-19 numbers, we will be serving our Community Food Pantry via drive through. Please stay tuned to further updates and opening date and times.

Online Giving

To give a monitary gift ClICK HERE

Food Pantry Needs

Protein Foods: Meat, Dry Beans, Nuts

tuna (canned in water) / chicken (canned in water) / canned beef stews / bean soups / beans (dry or canned in water) / baked beans / canned chili / peanut butter / pork and beans

Grains: Bread, Cereal, Rice, and Pasta

rice and rice side dishes (Rice-a-roni I Uncle Ben's) / canned pastas (SpaghettiOs, ravioli, etc.) / noodle / pasta side dishes (Knorr's, etc.) / dry noodles and pastas boxed / macaroni and cheese boxed / potato dishes (au gratin, mashed, etc.) / Tuna/Chicken Helper or Hamburger Helper / cold cereals ( Cheerios, Wheat Chex) / bran cereal / shredded wheat / oatmeal and hot cereal mixes / corn muffin mix / pancake mix / whole-grain crackers / granola bars / graham crackers / flour and cake or brownie mix / infant cereal

Dairy: Milk and Cheese

infant formula / nonfat dry milk / evaporated milk / instant breakfast drinks / shelf-stable (UH T) low-fat milk (small boxes) canned and boxed pudding


canned vegetables / vegetable soup / canned tomato products / spaghetti sauce / Manwich / sloppy joe mix / baby-food vegetables


canned fruit / raisins / applesauce / dried fruits / fruit leather (100% fruit) /100% juice (tomato, orange, or V-8 in can or plastic bottle) / baby food fruit

Oils and Condiments

vegetable oil / salad dressing / syrup / jelly and jam / honey / sugar / mayonnaise

Ministry Opportunities

Please contact Jerry Massey in one of the following ways shown below.


Jerry Massey
Food Pantry Director
Pantry Phone- 865-773-0116
Church Phone- 865-693-1741
Pantry hours- Every Thursday from 10am to 2pm